Dōgen Resources

These are all resources on Eihei Dōgen and his writings written in, or translated into, English. There are additional resources in other languages including (unsurprisingly) Japanese. Please let me know if there are any I have missed.

Dōgen’s Writings

Eihei Kōroku
Leighton, Taigen Dan and Okumura, Shohaku (tr.) 1995. Dōgen’s Extensive Record

Eihei Shingi
Leighton, Taigen Dan and Okumura, Shohaku (tr.) 1995. Dōgen’s Pure Standards for the Zen Community

Mana Shōbōgenzō (koan collection)
Loori John Daido and Tanahashi Kazuaki (tr.) 2005. The True Dharma Eye: Zen Master Dogen’s Three Hundred Koans

Heine Steven (tr.) 1997. The Zen Poetry of Dōgen

Nearman, Rev Hubert (tr.) 2007. Shōbōgenzō (available in full here)
Nishijima,Gudō and Cross, Chodo (tr.) 2006. Master Dōgen’s Shōbōgenzō (four volumes)
Nishiyama, Kosen and Stevens, John (tr.) 1975. Shōbōgenzō: The Eye and Treasury of the True Law (three volumes)
Tanahashi, Kazuaki (tr.) 2011. The Treasury of the True Dharma Eye

Shōbōgenzō Zuimonki
Cleary, Thomas (tr.) 2001. Record of Things Heard
Masunaga, Reiho (tr.) 1975. A Primer of Soto Zen

Books on Dōgen

Abe, Masao 1991. Study of Dōgen: His Philosophy and Religion
Bielefeldt, Carl 1990. Dōgen’s Manuals of Zen Meditation
Bielefeldt, Carl 1985. Recarving the Dragon: History and Dogma in the Study of Dōgen in: W.R. LaFl˜™eur, ed., Dōgen Studies, Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press.
Bokusan, Nishiari, Okumura, Shohaku, Suzuki, Shunryu, Uchiyama, Kosho, Weitsman, Sojun Mel, Tanahashi, Kazuaki and Wenger, Michael. 2012. Dogen’s Genjokoan: Three Commentaries
Brazier, David 2019. The Dark Side of the Mirror
Carney, Eido Frances (ed.) 2012. Receiving the Marrow
Cohen, Jundo 2020. The Zen Master’s Dance
Cook, Francis 1999. How to Raise an Ox
Cook, Francis 1988. The Sounds of Valley Streams
Heine, Steven 2006. Did Dōgen go to China?
Heine, Steven 2012. Dōgen: Textual and Historical Studies
Heine, Steven 1993. Dōgen and the Koan Tradition
Heine, Steven 2015. Dōgen and Sōtō Zen
Heine, Steven 2020. Flowers Blooming on a Withered Tree
Heine, Steven 2020. Readings of Dōgen’s Treasury of the True Dharma Eye
Kim, Hee-Jin 2006. Dōgen on Meditation and Thinking
Kim, Hee-Jin 2000. Eihei Dōgen: Mystical Realist
Kodera, Takashi James 1980. Dōgen’s Formative Years in China
Leighton, Taigen Dan 2008. Visions of Awakening Time and Space
Leighton, Taigen Dan 2011. Zen Questions
Okumura, Shohaku 2018. The Mountains and Waters Sutra
Okumura, Shohaku 2010. Realizing Genjokoan
Okumura, Shohaku and Leighton, Taigen Dan 2011. The Wholehearted Way
Roberts, Shinshu 2018. Being Time
Takahashi, Masanobu. 1983. The Essence of Dōgen
Uchiyama, Kosho 2005. How to Cook Your Life
Uchiyama, Kosho, Okumura, Shohaku (tr.) and Wright Daitsu Tom (tr.) 2018. Deepest Practice, Deepest Wisdom: Three Fascicles from Shobogenzo with Commentary
Waddell, Norman and Abe, Masao (tr.) 2002. The Heart of Dōgen’s Shobogenzo
Warner, Brad 2016. Don’t Be A Jerk
Warner, Brad 2017. It Came From Beyond Zen
Warner, Brad 2007. Sit Down and Shut Up
Warner, Jisho (ed.) 2000. Nothing is Hidden
Wirth, Tetsuzen Jason, Schroeder, Shudo Brian, Davis, Kanpu Bret 2017. Engaging Dōgen’s Zen
Yasutani Hakuun 1996. Flowers Fall

Podcasts and Audio Teachings

Ancient Dragon Zen Gate podcast (podcast of Taigen Dan Leighton’s Zen community with many episodes on Dōgen in a searchable library)
Everyday Zen Dōgen study guide (scroll down for audio teachings)
Upaya Zen Center podcast (searchable archive with many past teachings on Dōgen)
Zen Studies Podcast (by Domyo Burk) specific Dōgen episodes are on Genjokōan (parts one, two, three, four and five), Bendowa (parts one and two) and Bodaisatta-Shishobo (parts one, two, three, four and five)


The Dōgen Institute
Poetry Chaikhana – poems by Eihei Dōgen
Terebess.hu – Eihei Dōgen page. Writings by and about Dōgen
The Zen Site – a wonderful collection of resources of writings by Dōgen and teachings about the master.

Films and Visual Media

Gudō Nishijima Roshi (1918-2014) talks about Dōgen, part one, part two and part three
Zen – a biography of Dōgen as live action film

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