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The mountains and waters of the present are the realization of the words of eternal buddhas. Both mountains and water abide in place in the Dharma, having realized ultimate virtue. Because they are in the state before the kalpa of emptiness, they are vigorous activity in the present. Because they are the self before the sprouting of creation, they are real liberation. The virtues of mountains are so high and wide that we always realize moral virtue which can ride the clouds by relying on the mountains, and we unfailingly liberate the subtle effectiveness which follows the wind by relying on the mountains.

― Shōbōgenzō Sansuigyō (The Sutra of Mountains and Waters)

Why Audio Dōgen?

A few years ago, a member of my Zen community (sangha) was living out her final days in a hospice. She requested some Buddhist teachings (dharma) to listen to and I recorded a couple in response. After that time, I realised that there may be other people who for reasons of health, challenges with visionContinue reading “Why Audio Dōgen?”

The Audio Recordings

These are my own personal audio recordings of the writings of Zen monk Eihei Dōgen, made freely available for anyone who might find them helpful. Click on the title to go to the version on my You Tube channel or use the audioplayer provided. Fukanzazengi Translated by Taigen Dan Leighton from his book Dōgen’s ExtensiveContinue reading “The Audio Recordings”

Dōgen Resources

These are all resources on Eihei Dōgen and his writings written in, or translated into, English. There are additional resources in other languages including (unsurprisingly) Japanese. Please let me know if there are any I have missed. … Dōgen’s Writings Eihei KōrokuLeighton, Taigen Dan and Okumura, Shohaku (tr.) 1995. Dōgen’s Extensive Record Eihei ShingiLeighton, TaigenContinue reading “Dōgen Resources”